Eat According to Your Genes with a Diet Gene Test

A simple DNA test (diet gene test) is available at our dietitian clinics in North Sydney.  We will create a diet plan based on the results, specific to your individual needs.

Are you drinking too much coffee?
Are you getting enough Omega 3 fat ?
What about salt ?
The answer may be in your genes …

Hamilton Dietetics have partnered with a University of Toronto biotechnology company Nutrigenomix Inc. to be able to offer you a simple DNA test that will allow you to personalise key aspects of your diet.  This diet gene test will enable us to create a tailored healthy eating plan or diet specific to your individual needs.

Research has shown that personalised dietary advice based on your DNA is more valuable than general population-based recommendations. The Nutrigenomix test has 7 tests that looks at the genes associated with the following dietary factors: Learn how your genes respond to Sodium (and risk of high blood pressure), Glycaemic Index (and risk of type 2 diabetes), Caffeine (and risk of heart disease), Omega 3 fat (and risk of elevated triglyceride levels), Saturated Fat (and risk of developing obesity).

To learn more about Nutrigenomix and a personalised diet gene test call 1300 853 560 and speak to Lynda.


NB this is the set price from Nutrigenomix

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