10 Weeks Anti-Diet Wellness Program

Join our highly successful ‘10 week ‘ weightloss and wellness program

Step off the diet roller coaster once and for all with our affordable 10 week weight loss and wellness program, devised and run by Sydney dietitian Lynda Hamilton.

During the program, we will work through negative emotional behaviour patterns with food, we will teach you how to eat mindfully and to accept and embrace your own body cues, and we will discuss the facts and the myths surrounding long-term weight loss.  When you regain control of food and truly understand what a healthy, balanced diet is, weight loss happens effortlessly, and this ten week program will teach you exactly that.

The 10 week anti-diet weight loss program includes 5 fortnightly visits and  is available at our clinics in Rockdale / North Sydney / Mona Vale. Total Price is $475 for 5 in clinic sessions
To book call 1300 853560 or schedule an appointment online

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( Learn how you can stop dieting, effortlessly manage your weight and improve your relationship with food)


“I’ve struggled with eating issues all my life and I was turning 40 and wanted to find a long term solution. Lynda got me in a good head space and the sessions have helped me make positive long lasting changes. I would recommend her to anybody”.

CN, Kogarah

“I enjoyed the ‘10 week course’ very much. It was very effective and helped me achieve all the goals we set in week 1. The weekly guidelines and tips provided me with help to stay focused and now I am aware of what to eat and when”.

Sharon, Kogarah

“Being accountable kept me more focussed and the program was affordable.”

Judith, North Sydney

I look forward to helping you reach your goals, Lynda.

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