Diet Advice Videos

Watch weight loss and diet advice videos by Sydney dietitian Lynda Hamilton an Accredited Dietitian & Nutritionist BSc, BHSc (N&D) and member of Dietitian Association Australia (APD).

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  • The Bottom Line of Good Nutrition

In this diet advice video Lynda explains the basics of a healthy diet and good nutrition, and what this really means to your weekly diet.

  • The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is good for your overall health, it will give you more energy and help you lose weight in the long-term.  Discover the benefits of exercise in this diet advice video.

  • Eat Well, Live Well

In this diet advice video Lynda explains the 6 foods you should be including in your diet for optimum health and nutrition.

  • 3 Good Reasons to Visit a Dietitian

Lynda explains the benefits of seeking professional advice from a dietitian.

Hamilton Diet Advice Videos

The Bottom Line Of Good Nutrition
The Benefits Of Exercise
Eat Well, Live Well

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