At Hamilton Dietetics we believe that good nutrition advice  should be accessible and affordable for everyone. It is often those in more regional and remote communities who could benefit more and from 2018 we are planning to provide our service in such communities.

The majority of Australians have the option to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, such as that outlined in the recently revised Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013). The guidelines were designed to include the types of food actually available in Australia. Poor adherence to the evidence-based recommendations for diet and lifestyle is reflected in current levels of chronic disease, particularly in remote areas  as well as the persistence of micronutrient inadequacies.

We believe that many  of these chronic diseases could be prevented and morbidity and  mortality rates decreased  through greater access to good nutrition advice.

If you would like to speak to us about our community initiatives please call us on 1300 853 560.

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