Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Posted by Alexander on March 14th, 2015 (Diet, Good Foods, Healthy Recipes, Nutrition)

Start your morning off with these healthy breakfast ideas

Muesli Breakfast Tips:

Homemade healthy muesli: mix all or a combination of the following in a large plastic container to make a nutritious, low-sugar muesli

  • Buckwheat flakes / millet flakes / quinoa flakes / whole oats ages.For a gluten-free version do not add oats.
  • Nuts & seeds of your choice e.g. pecans / hazelnuts / almonds / brazil nuts / sunflower seeds / sesame seeds
  • (Dried berries are much lower in fruit sugar than raisins & sultanas therefore they are better for blood sugar balance.e.g. goji berries / blueberries / raspberries / strawberriesGoat’s cheese, cherry tomatoes and half a mashed avocado on a slice of rye bread (with thinly spread butter).

    Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes & spinach (steamed or raw) on a slice of rye bread (with thinly spread butter).

    Sugar-free whole peanut butter / almond butter / hazelnut butter on a slice of rye bread, followed by a piece of fruit (e.g. apple / pear / plum).

Nutritious porridge: make up a serving of porridge from a cup of whole
oats or quinoa flakes. Make the porridge using water then add the exciting

flavours afterwards. For example –
o Add frozen berries when the porridge is cooking to liven it up

withantioxidant rich colour
o Sprinkle ground flaxseed, nuts & seeds to the top of your

o Stir in a big dollop of natural goat’s yogurt to make it creamy. Porridge Tip : Instead of adding milk to your porridge for flavour try experimenting with fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurt as nutrient dense alternatives. The protein content of the nuts, seeds & yogurt with make the energy from this meal last much longer. Quinoa flakes are a great protein rich, glutenfree alternative to porridge oats. You can find them in the health food store. Frozen berries are easy to find in supermarkets & are handy to call upon when you fancy porridge.

2x eggs any style: eggs make a very nutritious breakfast being protein rich and full of selenium (a potent antioxidant). Try them in the following combinations –
o Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs with chives & cherry

o Omelette with onion, mushroom, spinach, peppers, tomato

o Poached eggs on a bed of spinach & rye bread
o Boiled eggs with rye bread soldiers and a side of fruit salad

Written by Alexander

Alexander is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian having completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a member of the Dietitian Association Australia (APD)

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