The ‘Moderation Movement’

Posted by Alexander on July 22nd, 2015 (Uncategorized)

Written by Lucy Sharp

Tired of being told you have to cut out certain foods or food groups in order to be healthy, or lose weight, or have more energy? Tired of jumping from one diet to another with little proof that you will achieve the results you want?

Dietitian Zoe Nicholson has introduced the ‘Moderation Movement’ in response to the recent influx of exclusion diets which require eliminating certain (good) foods from the diet to achieve optimal health. Nicholson referred to the fact that eliminating certain foods from the diet is unnecessary, and an individual can eat a mix of whole foods and processed foods to maintain their health.  Keep in mind however that if an individual has a food intolerance or allergy, they should be careful to remove or manage certain trigger foods in their diet.

The ‘Moderation Movement’ encourages you to eat mindfully, while trusting your body to know when, what and how much to eat.  Most of us know to eat at certain times throughout the day because we are in a routine with those meal times. Trusting your body to know when to eat will allow yourself to observe when you are hungry, and eat then, rather than eating because everyone else is.  Likewise, this movement involves trusting your body to tell you what foods you feel like eating. For individuals who are used to strict diets, this might be a challenge, however it is often when you are given freedom to choose foods for yourself in the long term, that you learn and adapt to choose healthy options.  Finally, there is no weighing or measuring of ingredients or portions in this movement. Knowing when your body is hungry will allow you to choose suitable portion sizes for you at that time.

Nicholson has introduced this movement to help clients improve their relationship with a variety of foods and remove any guilt surrounding their choices. In the words of her colleague Jodie Arnot, ‘Health means being able to enjoy a piece of birthday cake without guilt and sharing a restaurant meal and a glass of wine with friends, anxiety free.’

If you are interested in learning more about the Moderation Movement, please visit their Facebook page –  “”

Written by Alexander

Alexander is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian having completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a member of the Dietitian Association Australia (APD)

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