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Posted by Alexander on March 5th, 2014 (Nutrition, Nutrition Workshops in North Sydney, Weight Loss)

Our successful 10 week anti-diet weight-loss programme will be available online from March 15th.

This affordable and personal 10 week program works through a range of topics to show you how to manage food and eat a healthy, balanced diet for life.

Buy now for only $195

Over the ten weeks we will discuss compulsive eating, how to break the binge cycle, learn mindful eating and work on self-esteem and body image.  We also will discuss healthy eating, I will provide you with tips and tricks to make it easier, we will bust common food myths and learn the importance of keeping some ‘unhealthy’ foods in your diet.

Join us, for the simple reason it is affordable, personal and it works.

You can download the full program here in a PDF file.

Buy now for only $195

It might be for you if…

Are you a frustrated dieter fed up with the endless dieting merry go round?

Are you feeling out of control or alone?

Have you wanted to consult with a dietitian but couldn’t afford it?

Call 1300 853 560 or  email to find out more.


Written by Alexander

Alexander is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian having completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a member of the Dietitian Association Australia (APD)

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